Let’s take you back to 1996 when Nordafrost was founded. From this time on, they play Black/Death Metal combined with aggression, atmosphere and melodies.  


In 2002 they released their meanwhile sold out demo called “Dominus Frigoris” which was a success for the band.After being part of several compilations, they signed a deal with the small German label "Heavy Horses Records", which released their first full length album called “North Arise” in 2004.


  Nordafrost hit the stage all over Germany and in 2006 they recorded new material for a picture split 7“ with the German Black Metal Band „Unlight“ which was released in the same year.



In 2008, they released the successor of „North Arise“: the album „Back to the shores of grey“. This album got very good reviews all over the world and was played by different radio stations. Nordafrost played also many gigs in Germany at this time.  
  2011: "The Victorious" - a 7" EP on white vinyl was released together with Regimental Records!



The small German label "Reineke Speaks" re-released the "North Arise" album on tape in 2012 - strictly limited to 50 copies.  

More than 10 years after the release of the self-produced demo EP called "Dominus Frigoris", "Godeater Records" re-released this EP with several bonustracks in 2013.




Birth of band - 1996
Hometown - Hagen, Westfalen (NRW, Germany)
Cast - Guitars, vocals, bass, drums
Releases - 2002: "Dominus Frigoris" MCD
- 2004: "North Arise" CD
- 2006: "To our forefathers" Pic 7"
- 2008: "Back to the shores of grey" CD
- 2011: "The Victorious" 7"
- 2012: "North Arise" re-release on tape
- 2013: "Dominus Frigoris" re-release with bonustracks CD
Studio - K-Sound Studio, Hagen / Germany
- Assault Studio, Hagen / Germany
Compilations - 15 (Releases)
Label - Godeater Records
- Regimental Records
- Reineke Speaks
- Heavy Horses Records