SAK Burghof, Lörrach, 31.1.2003:

Now it’s time for Nordafrost. After a short intro, they give all and it’s really good: Old-school Black Metal, freezing guitar riffs in the vain of old Immortal, high screams (both from main man Svartis), lots of blastbeats, a pumping bass, and this all together gives a deadly mixture. Hell yeah!! The audience has the same opinion and there’s the first moshpit of the evening. Once, there is silence after a song, and Svartis shakes up the crowd: “Hey, not so loud!” Reactions: Cheering and applause! I can’t say a lot more, because it’s absolutely great and I’m banging and moshing all the time. But during the gig, a very funny thing happens: One of the Metal Maniac – Zuffy – is so drunk, that he falls asleep – on stage. No idea how this is possible… As final song, Nordafrost play a grandiose cover version from Immortals “Blashyrk Mighty Raven”. Super concert, only one sad thing: They don’t play any extra songs. But this doesn’t really matter: It was absolutely great!

live report by Boris "Azrael" Witta of