Klasma Zine:

NORDAFROST - Dominus frigoris (MCD-r 2002) 21 min.
This is truly a hammer of ice! This three-piece plays very efficiently. Just guitar, bass, drums and a hatefilled, dirty voice - it takes nothing more to create barely pure Black Metal. Every song is cold, raging, full of hatred and disgust. And comes to the point, even it’s barely two minutes or more than four minutes long. Skilfully applied breaks give the chance to rest for a while, in order to berzerk stronger than before. That’s the fucking point - their songwriting is great and distinguish them from other bands in this style. NORDAFROST play their Black Metal in the spirit of the mid of the 90’s. Enclosed is an addiction for the scandinavian outriders in the branch. Sometimes a cool, ass-kicking Thrash attitude comes out („Nocturnal cult”) and causes neck breaks. All instruments are played fuckin’ well and the shouter is giving all his best to freeze your ears. Unfortunately „Dominus frigoris” just contains six tracks of this icy mood, so you’re forced to press „repeat” again and again. NORDAFROST is so frosty that they won’t keep you cool. In addition the sound is almost perfect, due to the recordings in K-Sound Studio Hagen. I hope to hear more from them and they won’t deviate any inch from their path. That stuff in jewel case and color booklet with lyrics is available for 5€ (+ p&p) at: svartis@nordafrost.de (www.nordafrost.de)

Neckbreaker Webzine:

The band Nordafrost was founded in late 1996, comes from Hagen and plays Black Metal. The band’s name makes one suppose influences by Immortal. And if one does so one won’t be that wrong. This fact gets quite obvious already in the first song of the band’s first demo CD „Battle of the winterhordes“ consists of 3 parts and mainly showa mid- to uptempo. The song’s third subdivision „The awakening“ is decreased in speed. The song „Lyn og torden“ as is title demonstrates, is written in Norwegian. Also in this song influences by bands like Immortal, Satyricon and partially early Impaled Nazarene can be heard. This is the case throughout the album, as well as in „Nocturnal Cult“. This song shows a great variety of speed. „Autumn’s armageddon“ is a real neckbreaker with the right dose of aggressiveness. In the son „Only shades remain“ we find a balance between slow sinister sounds and hurricane-like blastparts. Good and interesting song. „The rising“ is the fast final track with nice riffing.


I can recommend this record to all who also like Immortal or Satyricon. I wonder how long it will take till this band gets signed. For further information see the band’s website where you can also order the record for whimpy 5 Euros plus delivery.

Kampf der Seelen

Founded in 1996 Nordafrost now present their first demo recording: „Dominus Frigoris“. My attention was drawn to this record due to publicity via e-mail. As I saw the low price of 5 Euros I thought „No mistake possible buying this record“.

And now I can say, it really was no mistake at all to listen to this record: This is no sloppily recorded first publication! We get a sound which can be compared to that of major companies‘ productions. The hole record is a good mixture of fast and aggressive Black Metal which is in accord with more melodic and slower parts of the songs which never get boring and offer 21 minutes pleasure for the ears. Who reckons with well known standard music, as it is made by Cradle of Filth or Dimmu Borgir, is totally wrong. Each song is an individual composition of its own and shows a quite great experience of the musicians or at least of the composer. Another positive aspect to mention is the artwork which contains no inverted crosses, no pentagrams or other rubbish, but which creates a cold atmosphere with its icy winter scenery. Lyrics can be read in the booklet and can therefore be sung along. Just a little bit more information about the band and the playing time of each song could have been added.